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Created with a purpose, Namaste Dwaar reconnects you back to the natural world and takes you to the setting where your wellness, personal growth, and happiness can re-emerge. Our mission is to preserve the authenticity of India’s most powerful healing components: Village life, Ayurveda and Yoga, and to allow for these strengths to be used for the benefit of all.

Our Pillars


Vedic Accupressure



Rural Life, Art & Culture

Our Mission

The village has preserved the most fundamental aspects of our culture and Our mission with Namaste Dwaar is to preserve the authenticity of two of India’s most powerful components, both of which rely heavily on the natural world, as well as on each other: these are Ayurveda and India’s Villages. We offer a uniquely invigorating natural setting, a rich architectural structure to complement the luxurious property, the most authentic treatments of Ayurveda in the North of India, and most importantly, when combined all together, an impactful experience unlike any other.

Our Philosophy

To heal the seemingly endless ailments associated with modern-day living, we must return to the place which has preserved the prosperity of our past, which now harbours the prosperity of our present and future: the countryside. This is the very philosophy which has brought Namaste Dwaar into existence - Namaste Dwaar is the gateway back to rural India and to our healthiest and happiest selves.

Meet the Architect

One of the most gifted architects India has had, the late Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva is the mastermind behind some of India’s most inspiring architectural works. With a key focus on sustainable architecture, the infrastructure of Namaste Dwaar was designed so that it could coexist with the ecosystem, while simultaneously complementing the aesthetic of the surrounding regions.

Our Partners

Managed by Kairali

Namaste Group is proud to partner with Kairali Ayurvedic Group (Estd. 1908), one of the most reputed wellness practitioners across India. Their award-winning Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad has set the standard for wellness retreats worldwide, and now, with this new destination, the Healing Village at Namaste Dwaar offers a novel focus on relieving the negative ailments associated with modern-day living – some of the main areas of focus are: stress and its related illnesses, stomach conditions, migraines, knee pain, back pain, weight issues, and skin problems, all of which can be properly addressed with natural methods.

The Art of Living by DSVV

At Namaste Dwaar, one can learn pure yoga from one of India’s most esteemed institutions for preserving ancient Indian culture: Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV). DSVV has created a powerful educational system based on scientific spirituality which aims to cultivate a culture of ethical, moral and spiritual transformation for its students. The programmes for Yoga and Ayurveda at Namaste Dwaar are taught by the DSVV faculty to ensure that all of our students acquire complete understanding of the true tenets and principles of these ancient bodies of wisdom. With its natural surroundings, Namaste Dwaar makes for a great place to learn and grow.

Uttar Pradesh Government

Namaste Dwaar is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and communities where it operates. With a personal mission to create and sustain livelihoods, our property ensures minimum exploitation of the ecosystem and maximum involvement of locals to encourage the prosperity of the rural sectors of Northern India. The property places a key focus on highlighting the art and culture of the locals, giving people a chance to experience the lifestyle in the true form. People staying at the property can also partake in local excursions, workshops, displays, etc.


At Namaste Dwaar, we are grateful for the environment we exist in and for what it provides us with. Therefore, we are fully committed to protecting and giving back to the ecosystem which surrounds us. We have planted an abundance of flowering plants and trees to promote green cover and to encourage the preservation of biodiversity; we have also developed our own organic farms so that we can grow produce while ensuring that the soil is fertile and secures stable yields for many years.

We have replaced regular garbage bins with specific waste disposal baskets (green for eco-waste, red for plastic, and blue for compost). We limit plastic usage in our property and the upcycling of products also plays a major role in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. Moreover, conserving water and electricity is extremely important for our facility and therefore we have implemented the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) for this purpose.

As for our infrastructure, the main building incorporates green features including insulated external walls and highly insulated windows, that help improve thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption.

An immersive wellness experience few hours away from Delhi. Namaste Dwaar has a wide range of ayurvedic treatments to cater to all your needs.

– Mrs. Verma

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