The Ultimate Ayurvedic Therapy


Ayurvedic treatments are an effective and completely natural solution forreducingthe signs of ageing on the human body and skin. Skin is the most perceptible external organ of the body, and since it is visible to all, it is difficult to conceal aging skin if it has been left unattended. Ageing is something that has accelerated due to modern lifestyles, stress, chemicals, and pollution in the air. One must take a break from the city to truly cleanse, repair the skin, and let it breathe.

Those who indulge in this premium package can expect a youthful complexion and a glowing body - the strategic order of Namaste Kairali’srejuvenating treatments allows for skin to be purified, circulation to be boosted, skin cells to be repaired, and for the skin to be firmed. To further aid the skin rejuvenate, special care is placed on de-stress therapies and detoxification treatments.

Therapies Included

3 Abhyangam

3 Pizhichil

1 Udwarthanam

4 Njavarakkizhi

3 Shirodhara

3 Facial


  •   Effective relief from severe aches.
  •   Slows down the aging process.
  •   Strengthens the immune system.
  •   Reduces stress and tension in the body.



Single (Per Night) :         31,620

Double (Per Night) :           63,240


  •   Small group yoga sessions every morning.
  •   Group-meditation sessions every evening.
  •   Guided nature walks every day.
  •   Lecture on Ayurveda once a week.
  •   Lecture on Yog philosophy once a week.
  •   Handicrafts experience once a week.
  •   Workshop on cooking once a week.
  •   Guided village tour once a week.
  •   Evaluation of personal lifestyle and fitness on daily basis.
  •   Swimming pool, outdoor courts, library, gym and all indoor facilities can be used for free.
  •   Internal medicines will be charged extra as they can be ascertained as the treatment progresses.