Your First Step to Wellness



Ayurveda in its most authentic form is truly remarkable for the wellbeing of the body. Experience the most powerful and the most invigorating Ayurvedic treatments by the hands of our meticulously trained doctors who have come from the South of India to share their wisdom and secret techniques. This package focuses on tending to the whole body so that our guests feel truly empowered afterwards.

Therapies Included

1 Abyangam

1 Podikkizhi

1 Elakizzhi

5 Shirodhara

1 Thalapothicil

1 Narangakkizhi

1 Njavrakizhi

1 Kativasthi

1 Januvasthi

1 Grivavasthi


4 Nights in Junior Suites.
Beautifully designed rooms with
private furnished balcony.

Herbal Beverage

Herbal welcome drink on arrival.
Unlimited Herbal water in room.
Health   drink   with   every   massage


Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals
Breakfast Lunch & Dinner


  •   Rids your body of the accumulated toxins within.
  •   Focuses on powerful preventative measures that ensure that health is preserved and promoted.
  •   Helps to fully relax and recharge the body and mind.
  •   Strengthens all systems of the body to re-establish inner balance and positive energy.



Single         20,325

Double             40,650


  •   Small group yoga sessions every morning.
  •   Group-meditation sessions every evening.
  •   Guided nature walks every day.
  •   Lecture on Ayurveda once a week.
  •   Handicrafts experience once a week.
  •   Workshop on cooking once a week.
  •   Evaluation of personal lifestyle and fitness on daily basis.
  •   Swimming pool, outdoor courts, library, gym and all indoor facilities can be used for free.
  •   Internal medicines will be charged extra as they can be ascertained as the treatment progresses.