Still looking for the Perfect setting to encourage Creativity, Critical Thinking, Rejuvenation, and Team Building?

Look no further because we have the setting that inspires.

Our locale: Your Business

Namaste Dwaar caters to all your MICE requirements with a world class infrastructure for Conferences, Board meetings, Sales meets, amongst all other work-related gatherings, for over 130 people at a time!

Meetings & Board Rooms

Our board rooms provide ample sunlight, are air-conditioned, and tea and coffee can be served inside, all of which encourage productive work. Then, when one needs a break, individuals can walk through the farmlands to decompress - the farmlands arethe rapeutic in nature and help release mental blocks. Our wellness treatments are also offered at a discount to our Corporate guests.

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Team Building done right

Partake in team building activities that are fun, effective, and are able to turn any distant group into a close-knit unit. Our locale is close enough to Delhi that it is suitable for a day trip and far enough so that your team enjoys the feeling of a getaway

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