Fitness & Recreation

At Namaste Dwaar, we have designed premium spaces for all of your fitness needs, and all types of activities for your enjoyment.

Our 24- hour state- of- the- art fitness centre grants you access to the best cardiovascular and weights equipment around. And for those who wish to do yoga and meditation indoors, our studio allows for you to connect with your inner self in the most comfortable of settings.

For our outdoor activities, in addition to our pristine pools, we provide courts for badminton, volleyball, and basketball. There are also walking paths for you to use and a Buddha corner for morning meditation. For those who wish to venture out, we offer yoga in the farmlands, nature walks into the sugarcane fields, and bullock cart rides on rustic roads.

The Machaan Lounge features our premium library and billiard tables, as well as numerous other card and board games. But it does not end here, we have revived some ancient & forgotten Indian games throughout the property for you to try.

Ancient & Forgotten Games

Ancient board games carry with them a rich history. Having been used throughout history as a signifier of the strength of one’s mind, these games have always carried with them a symbol of royal stature. Enjoyed by the elite of ancient India, Chess is but one example of a game which originated in India and was used by various rulers at different times. Some other games such as Ludo and GyanChauper have also originated in India, with modern renditions now being played worldwide. These games are great for mental stimulation as they require patience and logical thinking, both of which are essential to for a healthy mind.

In addition to these, we have also revived some forgotten rural games such as Stapu, Rassaakasee, and Pittu which are simplistic in nature but are great for learning, bonding, and enjoyment.