The Maharaja Club

The Maharaja membership offers full access to all of our best facilities and luxe services which are perfect for your relaxation - everything from our lounges, to the lush green lands with private paths, to our state of the art gymnasium and wellness centre, were created to ensure that you get the perfect space to rejuvenate yourself all year round.

Adding to the list, we are delighted to offer you our main attraction, the Machaan. This is our meticulously designed rustic luxe space made exclusively for your enjoyment. Spend your days sitting alongside fellow Maharajas & Maharanis indulging in our delicious treats; or, if solitary pleasure is what you seek, browse through our modern library, where we have curated books of distinction to stimulate your mind, select a book, and unwind on one of our reading chairs. When in the lounge, you are rid of all responsibilities: while staring out into our gardens, you can sit in tranquillity and, at your desired pace, be served only the finest of dishes one after the other – just one afternoon with us will make you feel as though you are in paradise. For your entertainment, we have an extensively curated library with cozy reading couches, Starbucks coffee featuring different beans from around the world, afternoon tea, billiard and pool tables, table tennis, and many other ancient board games.

The Machaan

Fine Dining, Coffee, Tea,

Billiards, and a private library.

Moksha Bar

Drinks with a View...

We offer the finest of

Lifestyle choices

The Maharaja Club gives you the opportunity to relish in every moment spent with your friends and family. In addition to providing you with the most hospitable environment in Northern India, we guarantee the best of dining, wellness, recreation, and leisure facilities, which makes Namaste Dwaar the perfect locale for your next events.

Health & Wellbeing

The Maharaja offers a true sense of relaxation. Our members get premium access to all of our spa treatments,wellness packages, and fitness services. In addition to discounts on our wellness treatments, members get first priority on all of our Naturopathy and holistic Ayurveda wellness programmes, and also get exclusive access to our wellness seminars and events.

Fitness & Recreation

Gym and the best courts for

badminton, volleyball, & basketball.


First priority to Wellness

treatments & Yoga lessons.

Private Events

Pick the perfect spot, view

and ambiance.

Bespoke Getaways

You decide what you perfect

trip entails.

Poolside Lounge

Pristine Pool with shaded

seating fo rquality time.

Special Services

Our Maharajas & Maharanis are of paramount importance to us, and we strive to spoil you with our dedicated bespoke and concierge services: it is our goal to make sure that all of your wishes are quickly met. As a Royal member, we take on the daily responsibility of reminding you that you are deserving of only the finest of experiences. At the Maharaja, apart from our extraordinary Hospitality, we also provide you with:

  • Exclusive Visits to Sacred Sites
  • Helicopter Transport
  • Beauty Consultations
  • Bespoke Group Tour Packages
  • Airport Services
  • Sartorial Services
  • Exclusive Wellness Itineraries
  • Visa Assistance
  • Designer on Demand

The Story behind our

powerful logo:

The Maharaja logo is indicative of our patriotism since the peacock is our national bird, and the lotus is the national flower of India. The peacock symbolizes royalty, guidance, and protection, and the lotus is a symbol for purity; when combined, they become symbolic of the love for beauty and strength, which is what the Maharaja prides itself on. In conceptualizing the Maharaja, we were inspired by the withstanding stature of this colourful bird which has long been famous since the Old World. Furthermore, the lotus serves as reminder that magnificent things blossom from even the humblest of settings. As is the case when the peacock flaunts it tail, when members carry with them the Maharaja logo on their cards, it is a sign of stature that cannot be undermined.