The Namaste Haat


Helping to sustain a timeless tradition, we honor the rich history of Indian artisans who have mastered their crafts through patience, practice, and hard work. Since crafts have always been an integral part to the Indian ethos, and since art is something that stems through all facets of rural life, our property not only showcases craftsmanship but provides an experiential facility for it.

Inspired by the rural market place, the Namaste Haat is an experiential facility that allows for you to interact with and learn from local craft makers. With various stalls and all types of crafts being produced on site, one is invited to do more than see... one is invited to create. The very first-of-its-kind, this Haat makes you an integral part of the artistic process: you, along with our passionate artisans, will be able to create personalized pieces that originate from the inner depths of your being.

We have various types of skilled artisans from all over India for you to engage with: potters, weavers, carpenters, metalworkers, amongst a number of other crafts-makers, are always available to show and teach you their skills!

We also offer workshops for pottery, painting, weaving, knitting, photography, and jewellery making as well.