The Rural Experience

The Rural Experiential facility at Namaste Dwaar takes you deep into the thriving farmlands of Uttar Pradesh.

Our innovative Rural Experiences incorporate rural life activities, team building components, and learning opportunities for everyone and every age. Our Rural activities take our guests into the natural world– bullock cart rides on rustic roads, organic farming, nature walks and tours in the sugarcane fields, seeding & potting, cow feeding, sugarcane picking, amongst a whole lot more, are some of the agriculturally focused experiences that we offer which create vibrant memories.

It is said that the Strength of India lies in its villages....

It was Mahatma Gandhi who rightly stated that ‘India lives in her villages,' because real India can only be found outside of the city. It is here where we find the most authentic understanding of our culture and traditions; it is here where we can see and study our uncorrupted origins. It is here, in the innocence of its beautiful natural surroundings, where we find our true selves.

From its simplistic ways of being, the village serves as a reminder that we often overcomplicate our lives and, to our own disadvantage, we no longer live in harmony with the rhythms of the natural world which surrounds us;for us to thrive in the modern world, we must re-shape how we experience nature..

Village life

As a rural tourism destination, Namaste Dwaar allows for you to experience the diverse cultures that breathe in the interiors of India – and having Officialy Partnered With U.P Tourism Namaste Dwaar aids in the preservation of traditional culture, crafts, and living.

The Rural Experience is our initiative to support the diverse traditions that breathe in the interiors of India, and to create livelihoods for farmers, craftsmen, and locals alike..

To experience Rural India is to support Real India.